About Us

We are Rumble.

We strive to build exceptional games and offer publishing services that help our developer partners to do the same.

Games & Publishing

We create and publish games across a variety of web browsers, mobile devices and social networks leveraging the flexibility and robustness of our publishing platform.

Our Team

We've assembled a unique blend of world-class talent that spans the gaming world, from critically-acclaimed MMOs and console games to hit social and mobile titles.

Our 3
Core Principles

  • Exceptional

    Exceptional Quality

    Game quality starts and ends with the user experience. From our system-based design approach to our exacting production value standards, we strive to create games people love.

  • Play

    Play Anywhere

    Rumble believes gamers should never be disconnected from games they love. We deliver our experiences across your favorite devices and networks so you can play anywhere, anytime.

  • Approachable

    Approachable Games

    At Rumble, our games are always free to play and we never let confusion or frustration get in the way of entertainment.

Our Story


Rumble Games was founded in 2011 and located in San Francisco, California. The studio is home to more than 25 professionals whose mission is to create the most engaging and fulfilling mobile game experience on the planet. Our team is focus on combining the best of AAA game design with free-to play accessibility, and are passionate about creating experiences that will surprise and delight our players in a way that we believe will change the ways gamers play together.